OKR Foundation
The okr foundation provides professional training courses that expand and certify your knowledge of objective and key results. The focus is on the ability to apply this knowledge.
1. Level
Professional OKR Practitioner
Learn okr theory, roles, principles, and embedding OKR in everyday work through individual and group activities along with trainer guidance and instruction.
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2. Level
Professional OKR Champion
Learn and deepen the principles and process theory underpinning the OKR framework, and the role of the okr champion in it.
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3. Level
Professional OKR Coach
Become an expert and coach in OKR. Extensive experience with okr is required.
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All participants completing an okr foundation course will receive a Professional okr Certification and get access to the okr community:
Our approach to okr foundation courses
With the courses, we lay the foundation for learning and growing with okr. We believe that this is an ongoing process. Therefore, access to the okr foundation community is an important part of the training. As part of the community, you have the opportunity to continue to exchange and learn on the platform with okr - steadily and continuously beyond the course.
The learning objectives are clearly defined which makes it easy to follow along.

Learn the important principles and understand the framework from the very basics to a pro level.

Explore how to implement the topics in real life and industries by working on case studies.

Reduce the risks of failure by understanding the challenges in the current system and adopting the new processes.

Get help from the experts and understand the kind of investment needed to succeed.

The study materials and lectures are available free of cost after the training